Masters Degree Illustration Laphroaig Whisky

During my MA, Allied Domecq Wines and Spirits in Islay (owners of Laphroaig Whisky), sponsored me to undertake a major project making artworks inspired by the distillery and island life. Over a period of over 2 years, I made a series of visits to the island to explore the seasonal changes and the working routines of the distillery. I completed several sketchbooks documenting my journey, which lead to 35 paintings, a suite of etchings and publicity materials for Laphroaig. Exceeding all expectations, this process established the foundation of my working practices. My engagement with the process, the place and the people, by day and during the nightshift revealed an excitement and stamina to build working relationships and to develop my practise as a ‘plein air’ artist beyond the topographical – allowing the integrity of the environment to inhabit the work.

Drawings & Paintings


Publicity & Editorial