Julia Douglas and Colin Usher are a magnificent team.

About 18 months ago I was encouraged by my partner Robbie Bushe to join him in a proposal to work with Julia towards designing a pair of websites.

My rare and hesitant appearance on social media is a clue to my relationship with technology- more at home in the garden with the birds, flowers, neighbours cat and my paints.. but I went along with the idea and low and behold Julia worked with us both to design a pair of beautiful websites-I believe the work with Robbie


was effortless and a joy- with me she was so patient and I would never have known Julia was managing the process from Studio Faire en Francais

One year on……………………I am embarrassed to say that it has taken this long for me to make friends with my online presence www.catharinedavison.uk But I have to say…..amazing….working through the help sheets I am now able to write posts, update my galleries and resize images for different purposes. I am becoming better at making the regular updates and get a buzz from checking the traffic – who is looking and at what. I did have a bit of an emergency last week when I thought I had broken the website but thanks to some very prompt and personal first aid ( thanks Colin Usher) all was not lost.

I would not hesitate to recommend working with Julia Douglas and Colin Usher- such an inspiring and forward thinking couple…so if you are thinking about what to give a loved one for christmas, or treating yourself then look no further…websites, artists residencies, photography, adorable dogs and much much more

Julia Douglas and Colin Usher can be contacted at